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Other currencies Subsequently, they have appeared multiple criptomonedas all online, some of them being the following: (1) Litecoin: cryptocurrency which uses Scrypt algorithm and a POW scheme, so it is more difficult to create since, in addition to a large processing capacity, the Srypt algorithm requires large amounts of memory, complicating the generation of this coin. (2) Solarcoin: it is based on "Litecoin" but it encourages the creation of solar energy. For every Kilowatt generated by solar energy, a SolarCoin who generates this electricity is delivered. (3) Quarkcoin: is based on "Litecoin" but meets much faster transactions, so it encourages the use of criptomonedas as a "Back office" transactional platform (for example, to buy something in dollars in one store and develops in criptomonedas to send this money, which is received and once again become dollars). (4) Dogecoin: cryptocurrency of a famous meme present used as a method of entertainment online. Due to its ease of creation, it has little value but accumulate a greater amount of transactions that Bitcoin, the most valued cryptocurrency to date. Many other criptomonedas have been created, but not all have been successful, especially those that have not provided any innovation or have not been well received by the community of Internet users.
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The current value of the Bitcoin is 273 dollars per unit, a heavy price which makes it the most profitable currency although nothing compared to the more than $1000 per unit that reached more than one year ago. Each day there are fewer blocks of Bitcoin

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